Meet The Team!

Profile Picture Jason Wong Executive Director

I first learned about hackathons a few years ago and being interested in technology, I attended my first physical hackathon, HackUC, in 2015. I am involved because I believe hackathons are a excellent way to promote competency in technology, especially at the high school level. I am involved in First Robotics in the build team at the Union County Vocational Technical Schools (Team 1257) and sharpen my web development skills and apply them during my free time.

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Profile Picture Stephen Cropper Executive Director

My studies at the Academy for Information Technology have taught me the importance of a solid education in the computer sciences. What really draws me to hackathons is the idea that anyone of any skill level can be a part of something innovative through working as a team with others. Through collaboration in a learn-as-you-go environment, hackathons can provide a unique catalyst for computer science education while making the experience exciting and fun. My goal as a director of HackUC is to build upon last year's event while maintaining the philosophy of our organization in the process of expansion.

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Profile Picture Annie Zhou Director of Technology

I'm captain of the Science Olympiad and Math League at my school district, and in my free time I like to do freelance web development. I love kids and cats and Reese's cups, and hope to one day major in Computer Science. After going to HackBCA II, I fell in love with the idea of hackathons - passionate communities of kids making great things simply for fun. Last year, I was invited to help create the first hackathon at our school, and jumped at the chance. This year, I'm in charge of the website and other technical aspects of HackUC, and love being a part of something amazing.

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Profile Picture Matthew Shih Public Relations Liaison

During the first HackUC that was held, my team won third place for building a robot that could sense different terrains and respond accordingly. Additionally, I am a Safety Co-captain of the UCVTS robotics team, which attended the FIRST Championship last year. Over the summer, I interned at Stevens Institute of Technology, where I assisted graduate students in their research of nanofibers. I am also a Liberty Science Center ambassador and a volunteer at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I hope that, through HackUC, I can spread my passion of technology and science to others.

Profile Picture Gilbson Val Workshop Coordinator

I always loved to work with computers and technology. If someone had a problem with their computer, I was the first person they would go to. I did not know what a Hackathon was until last year when my brother participated in HackBCA. At first I did not have any interest in Hackathons until I heard that there was a plan to have one on my campus. HackUC was my first hackathon and after experiencing such a fascinating event, I wanted to be a part of the process to help organize one.

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Profile Picture Abishek Agarwal Event Organizer

I have a wide variety of interests including tennis, gold, drums, and tabla. However, science and technology are my primary focuses. Attending The Academy of Information Technology has exposed me to technology and has allowed me to interact with students with similar interests. Hackathons are a great way for people of all different backgrounds in technology to collaborate and express their creativity. That is why I am so excited to help organize HackUC. Leaning how to use and create technology is something that anyone can benefit from, and I am happy to be a part of that.

Profile Picture    Zach Breit Head of Logistics

I first developed a deep interest in programming after joining the UCVTS robotics team. Even though I spent months self-studying C++ to program our robot, the most educational experience came from collaborating with my team's control systems subdivision to write the code that would bring our robot to worlds. The only experience I have ever had that mimicked the learning experience that I got when programming the robot has been HackUC. Ever since the first hackathon, I helped design our team's website, along with the website for HackUC.

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Profile Picture Viraj Shah Business Developer

Last year I attended my first hackathon at HackUC and although I had knew about other hackathons like HackBCA, I never went because it looked boring. After seeing what HackUC was and what was offered, I became interested in it. I chose to help organize HackUC because I think hackathons are a great way to learn about and use technology as well as have fun.