Meet The Team!

Profile Picture Abhishek Agarwal Executive Director

Since I was a kid, I have always had a keen interest in exploring and utilizing the latest technology. Now, more and more, I see how technology manifests itself into every aspect of life, and feel that it is so important to promote computer science literacy. When I was a freshman, I attended a hackathon and saw the value of hackathons as a way to get people excited about technology and as a platform for students to showcase their skills. As executive director of HackUC, I brought together a strong team, worked through obstacles, and built HackUC III from scratch. Through my efforts, I hope to spread the love of technology by making HackUC III the best it could be.

Profile Picture Eshita Kar Head of Public Relations

The number one thing I can’t live without is chocolate. But the number two thing is technology. Our world is built around computing systems and technology, and after realizing this at a young age, I began to aspire to be part of the movement that is changing the world one line of code at a time. That’s why I think hackathons are so important. They allow people not only to explore their creative abilities, but also spark innovations for their generation and future generations. I first felt the power of hackathons when I attended HackUC II last year, and ever since, I have wanted to bring that experience to others. To make this dream become a reality, I have joined the public relations team to help bring this hackathon to another year of UCVTS students.

Profile Picture William Krska Head of Logistics

I’m most certainly not the most tech savvy out of this group, but despite that, I am very much intrigued by computers. I like the logic, the simplicity, and yet the power of programming. I guess that’s why it has slipped into becoming one of my hobbies. My other hobbies include playing sports, not writing bio’s, fiddling with anything really, and eating, but that’s not important. I wanted to join the HackUC team because I think that the skills that are developed by programming, such as deductive reasoning and logical thinking, are essential for everyone’s future. And if people can strengthen those skills while having fun, I’m all for it!

Profile Picture Sean Hough Head of Strategy

My name is Sean Hough and I am a senior at the Academy For Information Technology. I live in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, my favorite sport is swimming, and my favorite TV show is The Office. I think one of the most exciting things about programming is how open-ended it is: the same simple building blocks can be built up into a video game, or a website, or a self-driving car. This year, my main goal as Head of Strategy is to spread excitement about the open-endedness of computer science to the rest of my community and provide a space for high schools students to get creative with their programming projects.